About Us

In the summer of 2003, with the recent restructuring of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), an idea sparked within a group of experienced admission directors. The group felt there was increasing need and interest in a national body that would address the professional concerns of independent and private school admission and enrollment management officers. The more this group of colleagues discussed it, the more firmly they believed that there was great need and widespread support for such an association. The first organizational meeting of the group was held in January 2004, and a year later, our association was officially incorporated with 65 founding members. Membership information was sent out to schools across the country in the summer of 2005, and since that time, AISAP become the fastest-growing association for independent and private school admission and enrollment management professionals, with representatives in almost every state and in several foreign countries.

Mission and Vision

Association of Independent School Admission Professionals (AISAP) is the primary resource and leading advocate for the community of independent school admission and enrollment management professionals.

The mission of AISAP is to support and advance those involved in admission and enrollment management in their responsibilities for advancing the institutional mission and financial sustainability of their respective schools.


We strive to provide our members:

AISAP Professional Competencies and Standards

AISAP is dedicated to your development as an Admission and Enrollment Management (A&EM) professional. Therefore, education is a cornerstone of all we do at AISAP. And as with any cornerstone, it is set to begin the layout of a structure and to mark the occasion of that work. AISAP has developed that structure in the Learning & Development Professional Framework© as well as the Ethical Behavior and Best Practices Standards.