Funnel Assessment

Have your offers of admission been extended but you are far away from your targeted enrollment goals? Do you feel pressure to enhance your recruitment efforts but lack the resources to do so? Or do you just need a fresh perspective in identifying the areas in which you’re doing well and those in need of improvement?

It’s time for a change and a new perspective

The AISAP Funnel Assessment solution led by members of the AISAP team and our Practitioner Solutions Advisors will examine each stage of your enrollment funnel beginning with lead generation through matriculation. Together, we’ll identify customer service and communication strategies currently used in your admission office, identify gaps, and recommend tactics for best and next practices at each stage of the funnel. The end result? From leads to enrollment, a tactical plan for each stage all strengthening your existing efforts, resolving the missteps, and unearthing the unnoticed opportunities.

The Process

Our process includes:

  • Pre-visit
    conversation with appropriate team members to determine goals of the funnel assessment.

  • Two One-hour
    Zoom calls with two AISAP Practitioner Solution Analysts to review your funnel.

  • Preliminary Report
    delivered one week after site visit—the assessment team will review this report with you and make any corrections or additions.

  • Final Report
    submitted one week later for implementation.

  • Follow-up Conference Call
    to discuss the findings and next action steps.

  • Connections to Other Professionals
    doing industry-leading work in areas where you may have challenges.


Includes two 1-hour Zoom conversations with two AISAP practitioners (sitting admission heads) and the report providing strategic and tactical solutions.




Funnel Assessment




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