Standards and Competencies

Standards & Competencies for Admission & Enrollment Management Professionals

Approved by the AISAP Board of Directors, September 14, 2012

The mission of the Association of Independent School Admission Professionals is to support and advance those involved in admission and enrollment management in their responsibilities for advancing institutional mission and financial sustainability.

The Association of Independent School Admission Professionals (AISAP) serves as the leading resource for admission professionals of schools from early childhood through grade 12.  AISAP supports admission and enrollment management professionals in their responsibilities to advance institutional mission and financial sustainability in the essential areas of education and leadership, advocacy, partnerships, access, and communication.

AISAP understands that independent school admission offices function under a wide range of circumstances and operate in complex educational environments. The following standards will allow those individuals responsible for admission and enrollment management to meet the challenges of the admission landscape as well as understand the leadership role admission plays in a school’s advancement. These standards, and the competencies required to achieve them, have been developed to support independent schools and to enhance the professionalism of the admission field for all. AISAP is committed to these standards and to developing resources to strengthen each of these competencies.